$ 65.00

Long, cold and dark winter days mean movie days!!! Filled with sweet, savory and salty snacks this is sure to keep you munchin' on a weekend movie binge.


  • 1x Sahale Snack Bag
  • 1x Larchwood Huckleberry Licorice
  • 1x Pack of Microwaveable Popcorn on the Cob
  • 1x Bag of white chocolate and huckleberry drizzled popcorn
  • 1x Bag of chocolate and huckleberry covered pretzels
  • 1x Bag Field Day salted pretzle sticks
  • 1 x Good Crisp Company cheddar cheese balls
  • 1x Atelier Ortega Chocolate Bar
  • 1x Persephone Animal Grahams
  • 1x Seasonal Glitter Pop
  • 1x Hammonds hand made candy cane

Optional add on: 50x70 cotton knitted blanket