$ 125.00

The Greatest OF ALL Time experience is what few would argue is the best that this valley has to offer. This is a wonderful gift for all occasions with all locally crafted products.


  • 1x bag The Bunnery's OG Granola
  • 1x bag of The Bunnery's Double Chocolate Pancake and Waffle Mix
  • 1x 10oz bag of Persephone's Quinoa Granola
  • 1x 12oz bag Snake River Roasting Coffee Kirby's Tram 
  • 1x Persephone Rice Krispy Treat
  • 1x Persephone Animal Grahams
  • 1x Atelier Ortega milk chocolate bar
  • 1x 3oz bag of Elk Jerky from Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co.
  • 1x 8oz jar of Mountain Berry Jam from Persephone Bakery