$ 160.00

We are still not exactly sure how this one came about, except we think we saw a sugar plum fairy sprinkling some dust on our classic Snack Pack before it transformed into this. 


  • 1x Saint Nick Speculoos Cookie
  • 1x 3oz box of Peppermint Bark 
  • 1x 7oz box of organic cooked and peeled chestnuts from Matiz España
  • 1x 4-pack of chocolate covered pretzel rods
  • 1x bag of Holiday Coal brownies from Persephone Bakery
  • 1x 2-pack of winter tree cookies from Persephone Bakery
  • 1x bag of White Chocolate + Peppermint dipped Chocolate Sables from Persephone Bakery
  • 1x Peppermint Candy Cane from Hammond's
  • 1x Cherry Candy Cane from Hammond's
  • 1x Cinnamon Candy Cane from Hammond's
  • 1x Handmade Lollipop from A Secret Forest
  • 1x tube of Mendiants from Atelier Ortega
  • 1x 3oz bag of elk jerky from Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co.
  • 1x Mateo's Mild Salsa
  • 1x Bag of Tortilla Chips


  • 1x 750ml bottle of Delirium Noel
  • 1x 750ml bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog