$ 100.00

A lot of us remember how stressful exams and term papers can be. The following assortment of support is sure to get any student through.


  • 1x 5oz bag of Snake River Roasting Coffee
  • 1x 3oz bag JH Buffalo Company Elk Jerky
  • 1x Par Avion's Granny's Apple Pie Tea Blend
  • 1x Bag of Persephone Sablé Shortbread Cookies 
  • 1x Bag of Sahale Nuts
  • 1x Bag of Cheddar Goldfish
  • 2x Stroopwafel Cookies
  • 1x Pack of Speculoos Cookies
  • 1x Atelier Ortega Chocolate Bar
  • 1x Persephone Rice Krispy Treat
  • 1x 18oz bag of Dot's Pretzels
  • 1x tin of Conservas (Small Scallops in Galician Sauce)