Unique stocking stuffers

We're all about making Christmas shopping fun and easy, not to mention inexpensive. When it comes to finding unique stocking stuffers that are locally made in Jackson Hole, we have more than a few options! So we put together a few ideas for that mountain dweller in your life:

Liquid Hardware Insulated Bottles

These vacuum sealed bottles are quickly becoming a local favorite, since they are manufactured just over the hill in Victor, Idaho. An ingenious design, the lid is magnetized, so you never lose it. And when screwed on, the whole bottle will literally attach itself to the side of your car. The only way we could improve such a perfect gift was to have the Tetons and the iconic Wyoming buffalo etched into the side.


Kate's Real Food

Another product of Victor, Kate’s bars are organic, delicious and smart stocking stuffers for someone who is often on the go or in the mountains skiing and hiking. Our favorite is the Tram Bar—Kate’s original creation—not only for the big red box on the wrapper but its chocolately sweet and salty flavor.


Trilipiderm All Body Lotion

This lotion is a must-have for anyone that lives in Jackson Hole during the arid, winter season. It’s a wonderful moisturizer regardless of whether you live in or visit our dry climate, since it hydrates the skin without leaving it feeling greasy. Plus, it is developed right here in Jackson Hole, with active outdoor lovers in mind.


Fish Creek Gardens Calendula Cream

With anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties infused, calendula cream is another great solution for dry, chapped skin. We love this stuff for our hands, because let’s face it, they take the most abuse from the cold weather. In and out of gloves, scraping windshields in the early morning -- our hands could use a little natural love and care.


Dragon Lady Tea

The absolute best loose leaf tea anywhere, Dragon Lady Tea is locally made in Jackson Hole. The “Happy Tea” is meant to make you smile until your face hurts, with lemon balm, rosebuds, jasmine, licorice root, honeybush and lavender. Combined with one of our tea swizzles, your gift recipient will thank you.


Back Porch Goatmilk Soap

Jackson Hole made using the nourishing elements of goatmilk, this unscented soap is a great stocking stuffer for a guy or gal. It’s good for the skin, and the milk comes from local goats, grazing happily under the watchful eye of the Tetons.


Simpli Nature 9oz Soy Candle

Available in a variety of scents, this simple and small candle fits perfectly inside a stocking, and smells great too! Each one is clean burning, biodegradable and contains a zinc-free wick. Their scent is chemical-free and isn’t overpowering either, while burning up to 50% longer with no soot.


Cafe Genevieve Pig Candy

What could be better than bacon? Well, candied bacon, actually. If you haven’t tried this delectable treat made by the geniuses at Café Genevieve, you are missing out. A box of Pig Candy in your loved one’s stocking is sure to please, and will disappear in mere moments.


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